Amber Ray: I am attracted to money and can’t date a broke person

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In an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, socialite and mother of two Amber Ray announced that she is attracted to money.

The socialite said that she is not a socialite she only identifies herself as a mother and a hardworking woman who is working for  several brands.

“Sijaikuwa socialite, just because I’m popular and I have a big ‘bum bum’ people regard me as a socialist cause they don’t have any title to give me… I am a mother, a happy wife, and a businesswoman.”

She added that she can’t date someone who doesn’t have money because she works hard to earn money and needs someone who also does the same.

“Mimi ni bibi ya Tajiri,lakini nikona biashara zangu tu kando, at the end of the day siezi date mtu hana pesa…at the end of the day money attracts money.”

 The businesswoman explained further why she couldn’t date a man who doesn’t have money claiming that they always leave when they get money.

“I was very disappointed, mtu nillikuwa na yeye the minute alipata pesa aliniacha akaendea mtu wake. alafu akarudi.”

After she was asked about her academic records since she went to three different high schools, she openly declared that she wasn’t smart.

“Mimi si chopi lakini hapa kwa street aahhh mimi niko street smart.”

When she was asked about some of the business she has done, the mother of two proudly named a list of all her first jobs.

“I started hustling early, nilikuwa nafanya odd jobs nilianzia kwa cereals, nikakuwa nauza maziwa asubui na niliuza matumbo.”

Despite being a rich kid born in Kahawa West she used to wash smelly clothes that her husband wore when he was at work.

“Nilikuwa naosha nguo zake sai alikuwa anafanya kazi kwa place ya takataka, wueeh vitu imefanya juu ya mapenzi, Obina hizo nguo zilikuwa zinanuka.”

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