Drama as Robber Engages Police in Shootout in Eldoret

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Residents in Kambi Nguruwe suburb of Eldoret on Wednesday, November 9, were treated to a shootout drama as detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) launched a manhunt for a man suspected to be the leader of a vicious gang in the vicinity. 

DCI operatives based in Eldoret Town stormed the suspect’s hideout in a well-calibrated move to arrest him.  

They managed to surround the hideout in an attempt to catch him unawares.

However, the suspect spotted one of the detectives approaching his hideout and subsequently opened fire at the officers. 

The sleuths took cover as they waited for a directive on the next move in their mission. 

One of the officers approached the little mud-walled house and entered through the window to subdue the suspect’s fire and arrested him. 

He held Kibet, alias Charbar at gunpoint before marching him out of his hiding place. All this time, the usually busy suburb was deserted as locals scampered for safety in their houses.

“Without wasting time, the commander of the operation raised his colleague who was waiting in the hatchback via radio and instructed him to go for the target through a window at the back of the room, as they covered fire,” read a statement from the DCI.

A Jericho pistol serial number KP 44332663 loaded with three rounds of 9mm calibre was recovered from the suspect.

According to the investigative unit, the pistol was snatched from a police officer on November 3 in a matter reported at Pioneer Police Post. 

The suspect went on to use the gun in three different robberies within the vicinities of Eldoret Town. 

The DCI confirmed that Charbar is the leader behind a gang notorious for terrorizing motorists in Eldoret and targetting motor vehicles. 

The investigative unit has since asked members of the public to report any criminal activity through the toll-free number 0800 722 203.

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