Men In Police Uniform Kidnap Three People In A Span Of One Week In Kawangware

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Three families in Kawangware area of Nairobi are living in fear following the abduction of their kin in the span of a week. The abductions which occurred between the 17th and 20th of this month were reportedly conducted in the same manner and style by unknown men in police uniforms. 

The three Elvis Shemali, Zacheus Mwangi and Erick Mukonyi all operated electric and electronics shops, selling new and used electronics including mobile phones and laptops.

CCTV footage obtained by Citizen TV reveals how one of the three was abducted from a house at 5:45 in the morning. 

The footage capturing Sian apartments in Kawangware shows how several unknown men in police uniform, armed with rifles arrived in three cars at 5:45am on Tuesday last week, and ordered the gateman to direct them to where Erick Mukonyi lives

Within 15 minutes, they had ransacked the house, taken some belongings including mobile phones, laptops and computers. In the CCTV footage, they are seen leaving with Eric handcuffed. The family has never seen or heard from him since.

A few kilometres from Sian apartments, 2 days before the incident unknown men raided Zacheus Mwangi’s shop in Kawangware Arcade shopping centre. Zacheus and his wife Hellen Wanjiru were enjoying an afternoon drink. In similar style to Eric’s abduction, Zacheus was handcuffed and whisked away.

More than 10 days later, Hellen Wanjiru is yet to hear from her husband nor the police.

The puzzle of the abductions of the two men including and their colleague Elvis Shemali who went missing on the 17th has left the families in fear. Their regular visits to several police stations including Muthangari and Kabete have been fruitless.

No information on the whereabouts of their loved ones is forthcoming. Their next stop and the only hope was at the human rights group’s doors.

According to Haki Africa, they have received more than five cases of families complaining of abductions.

The families of the three are appealing to the government to help unravel the puzzle and trace their loved ones.

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