Government allows Tax free importation for Ramadhan dates

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Tourism CS, Najib Balala has announced that the government has allowed a duty free importation of dates to be used during the Holy month of Ramadhan from 1st April to 20th May.

This year’s Ramadhan month will kick off on 12 April to 13 May where by all the Muslims around the world will be fasting.

Dates are always consumed before fast breakdown in the evening prior to any other meal. Balala has taken the opportunity to thank the government for the step.

“On behalf of my Muslim brother’s and sister’s, I’d like to express my gratitude to president Uhuru Kenyatta for his support to the Muslim community,” Najib Balala.

In the past few years, the Kenyan government has been manifesting it’s goodwill gesture to the Muslim community by scrapping off or paying the taxes incurred during the importation of the dates during Ramadhan.

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