Jeremiah Kioni set for a major role in Azimio-Kenya Kwanza bi-partisan talks

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The embattled Jubilee Party Secretary General, Jeremiah Kioni, is poised to assume a more influential role in the Kenya Kwanza, Azimio bipartisan talks after the two political formations resolved to let their respective teams set the agenda for what will be addressed during the talks.

In a joint statement, the co-chairs of the Bipartisan talks, Kalonzo Musyoka and Kimani Ichung’wah, emphasized the crucial need for both sides to establish the topics that will be addressed during the talks. 

This step is seen as essential for the talks to progress effectively, even as the two factions continue to haggle over key issues.

On the one side, Azimio has consistently stressed that the talks must encompass discussions about the cost of living, the composition of the IEBC selection panel, and an audit of the 2022 presidential election results. 

However, Kenya Kwanza has remained unwavering in its stance, asserting its refusal to include these three items on the agenda for the talks.

“The technical teams have been tasked to first frame the agenda items for consideration by the dialogue committee and equality review the bi-partisan talks framework agreement to incorporate the negotiating teams resolution,” read part of the joint statement.

Kalonzo affirmed that both teams are ready and are only waiting for the agendas to be aligned.

“Both had their set of agenda and is important they get synchronised. We leave it to the technical teams and once that is agreed we will be on our way,” he stressed.

From his perspective, the Kikuyu MP and National Assembly Majority Leader underscored that the talks are being conducted in genuine sincerity, aligning with the Constitution, and being conducted in the best interest of Kenyans.

Azimio’s technical team comprises; Kioni,  Adams Oloo, Zein Abubakar, and Isabel Githinji.

Meanwhile, Kenya Kwanza’s technical team includes lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu, Linda Musumba, Nick Biketi, and Duncan Ojwang’

At the second meeting convened at Bomas, the collective decision was reached that the parliamentary leadership of both the National Assembly and the Senate will initiate a motion to formally establish the dialogue team within legal parameters.

As the dialogue continues, both teams have already reiterated that power-sharing will not feature in the talks.

It’s worth noting that former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, initially anticipated to mediate the discussions, has been conspicuously absent from the past two sessions.

Both teams scheduled the third meeting on Monday, August 21 at 10 am at Bomas. 

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