Lionel Messi opens up on the struggles he went through after losing the 2014 World Cup final

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Lionel Messi‘s former agent says it took the Argentine star a long time to get over the Albiceleste’s defeat to Germany in the 2014 World Cup Final.

Fabian Soldini spoke to Infobae, stating he still has a great relationship with the PSG star. He took things one step further by explaining it wasn’t easy for the star to stomach the heartbreaking defeat

“When I was at his house, after 10 years of not seeing him, he told me ‘Fabi, I’ve been waking up at night thinking about the final in Brazil for a year. I can’t sleep. And I can tell you that. It goes round and round in his head,” Soldini said.

Soldini went on to explain why the defeat affected him so much: “It’s his love. His love is the national team. It is neither Barcelona nor Newell’s…. His love is for Argentina. His great love is the National Team.”

The professional relationship between the two ended in 2005 due to several differences over the Argentine star’s career, though they still maintain an excellent friendship.

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