Robert Alai arrested and detained in Kilimani for assault allegations

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Controversial Kenyan blogger Robert Alai has been arrested and detained for assaulting gospel musician Ringtone Apoko with a rungu after a minor accident in Kilimani.

According to reports, Alai’s car rammed into Apoko’s Range Rover leading to the ugly spat between the two. The two also caused a heavy traffic they argue on the road, in a scene that left the musician bleeding on the face.

According to officials familiar with the situation, the two accused each other of obstruction in a fight that began on Loitoktok Road and spread to Dennis Pritt and Likoni Roads. Alai is accused of hitting Ringtone’s car at the roundabout.

In one of the videos, the musician can be seen picketing from the top of his car before crossing to Mr. Alai’s car and demanding an explanation.

“Amenigonga, amenizuia kwa roundabout,” Ringtone lamented during the incident “Kwanini unanipiga”

In yet another video, Ringtone appears again, but this time, with blood on the side of his face and what appears to be scratches on his neck.

Ringtone is said to have gone to the hospital after the incident.

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