Ruiru: 6 Wedding Guests Die During Dance After Slab Covering Well Caves In

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At least six people who were planning to attend a wedding in Kihunguro area, Ruiru Sub-County have died after a concrete slab covering a well they were dancing on caved-in.

According to a Kiambu Police Spokesperson, the group of people had made a stopover at a friend’s house on Saturday to make merry when about 11 of them drowned after the slab collapsed.

The police say the well must have collapsed due to the weight of the people standing on top of it.

A rescue operation led by the Ruiru fire brigade and officers from Kihunguro police station commenced afterwards and 11 people were retrieved including two children.

However, the police have confirmed that one of the children, a girl was confirmed dead.

Those rescued have since been taken to Ruiru Hospital.

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