Sports ministry bans spectators from stadiums ahead of the resumption of the Kenya Premier League

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The ministry of sports has suspended fans and all the under 18 teams and games country-wide in the newly revised Covid-19 protocols.

According to the new protocols released by Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, all the sports federations will be required to submit weekly results of COVID-19 tests carried out on active athletes.

On matters to locals sports and especial football, the CS has said that “There will be no spectators allowed inside the stadiums while all the under 18 sports remain suspended until further notice.”

Amina has added that the national teams shall be granted special permissions ahead of their specific matches. Federations entering teams for international events will be required to seek travel clearance from the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage and the designated Team Medical Personnel.

However, the ministry shall not authorize travel to countries where the COVID-19 case load is established to be high or where the Ministry of Health advises to be high risk.

Amina has confirmed that the first athletes’ delegation to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will depart the country on July 5, 2021, and will be based in Kurume City for 12 days in strict adherence with the released Tokyo 2020 Playbook.

The teams shall be undergoing mandatory testing every 96 hours prior to their respective activities to ensure that they are safe and un-exposed to the rigors of COVID-19.

“All Olympic participating teams will be accommodated at designated Bubble training camps in strict compliance with these Guidelines, the Ministry of Health Guidelines and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games playbooks,” Amina said.

On matters to physical fitness, the ministry has said that Private fitness clubs may re-open immediately and observe all the containment measures including strict social distancing, sanitisation, handwashing among other measures as provided in the Guidelines.

Strict adherence is expected from gym owners and users in this respect. The ministry has also assured the different sporting federations that the ministry shall continue to test and provide support to all the teams country wide.

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