The bald man pandemic! Shocking records by Anthony Taylor against Chelsea in the Premier League

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Chelsea fans have another reason to be worried after referee Anthony Taylor was appointed to officiate the Chelsea vs Manchester United on Sunday evening.

Taylor has had a series of awful decisions against the European champions with the last one coming earlier this season at the hands of Liverpool.

Reasons to be worried!

  1. No club has won more when refereed by Taylor than rivals Sunday’s Manchester United, who have won 25 out of 25 clashes. Liverpool aren’t far behind with 26 wins of their own, albeit out of 45.

2.Unsurprisingly, Chelsea have the lowest win rate of any club under Taylor, winning just 18 out of the 38 games he has refereed for them, an abysmal 47%.

3. Only Man City out of the top 6 have won just 18 as well, except they have played 8 games less under Taylor’s stewardship.

4. Chelsea have lost the second most games on his watch, with only Tottenham managing more than them. The Blues have dropped 12 games with Taylor refereeing.

5. This is even more galling considering that no other top 6 club has double digit losses in the same scenario, despite Liverpool having played 7 more games than Chelsea with him as the ref.

6. Chelsea have received 17 more bookings than any other top club when refereed by Taylor, with a whopping 87 to their name.

While it seems like an excuse to talk about referees, the stats show that Anthony Taylor taking charge of Chelsea games leads to unfavourable outcomes for the Blues more often than not.

It would be wrong to accuse anyone of anything sinister on the basis of these facts but it must be taken into account at some point, especially with how fine the margins are likely to be in the Premier League this season.

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