Zora actor Fela reveals that he has six children and five baby mama’s

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Have you ever watched Zora on Citizen TV? Well now I have some interesting news about actor Robert Agengo alias Fela in the popular show.

Fela has revealed that he is a father of six children with five different baby mamas.

Speaking to a local content creators, Fela as referred to in the show said it has not been easy to be manage his family.

“I have six children with five baby mamas. It’s not easy as sometimes we have issues but we take it each day as it comes,” he said.

Fela has said that his first wife has two children while the other four have one each with two being born in the same year. ” The first I dated has two kids, my first and second-born children. The other four have one child each. My third and fourth born were born in the same year.”

Fela has now advised all men and parents who are living separately with their kids to take their full responsibilities because being a parent is not one persons responsibility.

“Responsibility is for both. I don’t have to have the money to have a good relationship with my children. I remember calling one of my baby mamas trying to communicate with my child and the current boyfriend told me that if I continue talking to her, he would leave her.”

Speaking about marriage, Fela said he would rather be alone or have his children around him than being in marriage as that would mean limited happiness in his life.

“I don’t want to feel responsible for anybody’s happiness. Even the way I raise my children, I tell them nobody owes them anything. You only do it out of obligation and what you feel. You don’t have to go out of your way and get uncomfortable to provide for someone else.”

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